Sunday, March 18, 2018

It's a Flimsy! The Patriot

 The Patriot
It's a flimsy
62 x 80

It's a mystery no longer! 

Thanks, Alycia! 

I wasn't going to participate when I first read the fabric requirements but found I had several dark blue chunks in my scrap bin as well as a few reds and lots of ends of muslin. I supplemented with fabrics from my patriotic box since my goal this year is to use holiday fabrics.   The only thing I was short of was light blue fabrics - scraps or patriotic. I found a few pieces in my stash and ended up using the yardage of some Kona Candy (light blue) I think I had set aside for one of my UFOs but since I'm not really sure it got cut up.   I'm pretty sure the color is Candy because when I bought it I wondered who would eat blue candy.  So I can buy more later if I come across a UFO that absolutely needs it.  I rarely buy anything over 1/2 yard unless it's a really good deal so that's why I think I bought it with a purpose in mind unlike most of the fabrics I buy. 

I'm not sure what to use for backing or how to quilt it but after that it will be gifted.   

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Those Crazy Ladies of the Lake Wearin' Green

Although I've done a lot of sewing this week not much of it was with green scraps except for these three 10 inch Lady of the Lake blocks. 

This is a Rainbow Scrap Challenge Project carried over from last year. 

Today I will celebrate my Irish ancestry.  No green beer or parties here- just the grand kids.  We will probably spend the late afternoon and early evening playing board games and I may read them a few Irish folk tales or fairy tales from some old books of mine (or have them read to me) and tell them a few stories about their Irish ancestors. My paternal ancestors emigrated during famine times from Counties Galway, Mayo and Kilkenny in Ireland and eventually all settled in Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa.  When I first became interested in genealogy (way before the internet) I asked my paternal grandmother several times to tell me about her ancestors and each time she told me "the Irish? all they do is fight and drink. That's all I know."   I've done a lot of family research over the years and found that, yes, they did fight and drink quite a bit; however, they did do a LOT more than that in between.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Don't do too much fighting and drinking!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Some Assembly Required

Down the Beaten Path...
My March OMG (One Monthly Goal) was to make 36 - six inch Drunkard's Path blocks. 
I now have more than my total goal of 224 blocks. 
Now some assembly is required. 
Layout will be 14 x 16.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Foothills QAL Blocks 6-10

with Mary Elizabeth Kinch

I'm using patriotic prints.
My blocks 6-10. 
I have 15 more to go. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It's a Finish! Burgoyne Surrounded

 Burgoyne Surrounded
93 x 93
Quilted on my DSM

I started this as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project in 2017. I wanted to use up some miscellaneous scrap chunks of fabric so made blocks each month that primarily used the color of the month.  For instance this block used up some blue chunks. 

This block used up some pink scraps.  
You can kind of see how I very simply quilted it on my DSM - first I quilted diagonally along the chains Then I quilted horizontally and vertically along the sides of the sashing and through the middle of each block. 

 Then since batting (pellon nature's touch 80/20) instructions require quilting no farther than four inches apart I added more vertical and horizontal lines through each block. 

I did minimal quilting - it's difficult to wrestle a quilt this big through a DSM with a small harp. 
I used wide bleached muslin for the backing and neutral scraps for the binding. 

And I can mark another UFO off the list!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Feathered Stars

Feathered Stars
They are easier to make than I thought so there will be more. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

I'm Not Totally Clueless

I'm ALMOST caught up on the clues given so far for Alycia's Mystery Quilt  *The Patriot*. 
This will be a Quilt of Valor when it's finished. 

Two FQ pairs are supposed to make two different 8 inch blocks - four blocks total.  I used 9 FQ pairs so I will end up with a donation quilt with thirty-five blocks (5x7 layout) instead of four orphan blocks. 

So, as you see...I'm not totally clueless at the moment!